Safety Considerations
Important Note: Remember to consult with your doctor to see if it is safe and advisable for you to fast and/or participate in the 5K.

Just because this event is a 5K, it doesn’t mean that you have to run the whole distance. Participants should walk or stroll at a pace that is comfortable to them, knowing that they will likely not be eating or drinking until sunset.

Walkers who stroll the entire distance at 20 min/mile will finish in just over an hour. Joggers who maintain 10 min/mile will finish in just over 30 minutes. Anything in between is a reasonable time. Some people may jog part of the race, taking walk breaks all along the way. Many others will intentionally walk the whole race. The purpose is to enjoy the event and celebrate all the hard work fundraising everyone did leading up to the event. There are no trophies for first place or timed laps, so please stay with your group and get to know each other while getting a little exercise outside.

Know your limits, and stop if you need to. Remember, the main goal of the Fasting 5K is to bring awareness to and support our selected charities.