Thank you for registering for the Fasting 5K. We are very excited to have you be a part of our team and look forward to working with you to bring awareness to deserving charities, both local and abroad. We are a grassroots organization and need the support of people like you to make it a success. This short guide will give you tips and advice on becoming a successful Fasting 5k fundraiser!

Getting Started
When you registered, an account was automatically created for you using the email address you provided. You should have received an email confirming that your Fasting 5k registration was successful, with a link to your own personal donation tracking page. This is your unique link fundraising page and is what you send to others when you ask them to donate. Make sure to reference this link often, and keep it handy to send to potential donors for your campaign.

Setting Up Your Account
After you register, click on the activate account link in the email message confirming your registration. After you activate, you will have your own personal fundraising page and account that you can share with people you are asking to donate.

Account Profile
Fill in the public account profile with as many details about you as you feel comfortable. This profile is reflected on your donation page and will be the first thing a donor sees when they go to your page. At a minimum, add a headline and why you’re supporting Fasting 5K this year. These two are critical to connect with your donors.

If you don’t want your profile info to appear on your donation page, select “Don’t publish my profile on the website.”

Account Login
At the bottom of the website, there is a link to access your account and sign in. To login to your account, use the login method that was first used when you registered such as Facebook, Twitter or email.

Donations by Check
Donations can also be made by checks, made payable to “Fasting 5K Inc.”

Checks should be mailed to the address below:

Fasting 5K Inc.
1 Earhart St Unit 512
Cambridge, MA 02141

As race day draws near, your city lead will email you and all other registered participants for your city with event day information and words of encouragement. The city lead is also available via email to answer any questions or concerns you may have and work to keep the city team’s momentum going to reach their donation goals. Please make sure you read the emails as they will have important information regarding the event and will reflect real time information.

Spreading the word about the Fasting 5k is essential!

Reach out to friends, family and coworkers, or just talk about the run at work or iftars, to see if they want to join the fundraiser and participate! Not much selling needed – just mention the cause and the run, and it’ll get people asking questions! The more participants we get, the stronger our donations will be and the stronger the impact we will have on youth mental health. It’s for the kids, after all!

Post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks about your registration to the run and tag close friends that you think would be interested. It’s so much more fun running with friends and working together for a good cause!

Also, make sure to tag the Fasting 5K in your posts so it shows up on the Fasting 5K wall. Use @Fasting5K on Twitter and #Fasting5K on both Twitter and Facebook.

Send out our website,, and invite others via our Facebook Fasting 5k page!